A Glossary of Common Window Terms

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Common Window Terms


Have you ever found yourself talking to someone, perhaps during a consultation for replacement windows, where a lot of words you’re hearing just don’t sound familiar? We understand how that feels. That’s why we have prepared a list of common window terms for you. Here are the main window-related terms you need to know:

  • Air leakage: The air that passes through closed doors and windows.
  • Airspace: The space created by multiple window glazing (see “dual glazing”). Airspace is ideally a vacuum, which reduces the amount of heat being transferred through air molecules, thereby creating an insulating layer.
  • Building envelope: A house’s floor, walls, and ceiling, plus all openings form an enclosure called an envelope; the space within is known as conditioned interior space.
  • Condensation: In this context, this is the moisture or fogging seen on window glass, typically due to leaks in the window.
  • Dividers: Also known as muntins, grilles, or grids, this is the part of the window that separates the glass into smaller viewing areas.
  • Dual glazing: Two layers of glass forming an airspace in between. Some replacement windows have triple glazing to further reduce conductivity.
  • Fenestration: A general term for openings in the wall, which includes doors and windows, and provides entry and exit, air, and light.
  • Fixed window: A non-operable window, such as a picture window.
  • Glazing: A single sheet of insulating window glass, sometimes called pane or panel.
  • Operable: Intended to be opened and closed. Note that the opposite is non-operable; the word “inoperable” is a medical term.
  • Sash: The part of a window that accommodates the glazing. For example, a double-hung window has two sashes, while a casement window has one.
  • Weatherstrip: Sometimes referred to as weather seal, weatherstripping is a flexible component used to reduce air leaks and water penetration.

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