Window Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning Tips

Follow these steps to clean the glass surface:

  • Wipe loose dirt and grime from the glass with a soft dry cloth.
  • Apply a cleaning solution, such as mild soapy water, white vinegar-and-water or a liquid window cleaner to the glass.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth in a circular motion, beginning at the top of the window.
  • Immediately remove the cleaning solution with a squeegee or a clean, lint-free cloth. Use a cloth to wipe the squeegee dry after each swipe.
  • To minimize glass cleaner residue from depositing on the glass, do not clean in direct sunlight. Instead, try cleaning windows on cloudy, but dry days.

Note: Never use solvents, abrasive solutions or razor blades in order to avoid damage to the glass.

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