Richmond Window Corporation BBB Business Review
“The installation team was absolutely terrific...I have never had better service.”
– Dolly P., Charlottesville, Va
“Thanks for being flexible with end of year tax considerations.”
– R.L., Richmond, Va
“This was a first class operation from A-Z! Extremely satisfied with all aspects...”
– Dan F., Richmond, Va
“The service that I have received from Richmond Window has been outstanding.”
– Eric R., Richmond, Va
“Not only are the doors and windows of exceptional quality, but the installation was as well...”
– Randy B., Richmond, Va

Referral Reward Program


Thank you for choosing to participate in the Referral Reward Program offered to help you and our community.

Many new clients are referred to us by our satisfied customers. We hope you will share your experience with Richmond Window Corporation, with your friends, family, and neighbors. Our best marketing comes from exceeding each homeowner’s expectations & delivering outstanding replacement windows & doors.

Our Referral Reward Program is set-up to thank you for these referrals & also allow you to contribute to the community on our behalf.

Here’s How Referral Rewards Works:

  • Fill-out the Referral Reward Sign Up form, below. (You may also use your Referral Reward Forms in your Installation Packet or contact your Design & Sales Consultant at our local office.)
  • If your referral successfully goes through to installation, we give you a $50 gift card!
  • We ask that you choose a charity from above & we will match your Referral Reward by placing $50 in a fund for the charity you choose! (If you’re not familiar, more information about each charity organization may be found by clicking on the logos above.)
  • At the end of the year, Richmond Window Corporation, will take 100% of the collected funds & donate it to the chosen organizations.

We are excited to partner with such great local organizations to help our community & we hope you are too!

Contact us today and find out more information about our referral rewards program!

Referral Reward Program Signup

  • Your Information

  • Referral Information

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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