Richmond Window Corporation BBB Business Review
“The service that I have received from Richmond Window has been outstanding.”
– Eric R., Richmond, Va
“Not only are the doors and windows of exceptional quality, but the installation was as well...”
– Randy B., Richmond, Va
“Thanks for being flexible with end of year tax considerations.”
– R.L., Richmond, Va
“The installation team was absolutely terrific...I have never had better service.”
– Dolly P., Charlottesville, Va
“This was a first class operation from A-Z! Extremely satisfied with all aspects...”
– Dan F., Richmond, Va

Environmental Commitment

Richmond Window Corp. is dedicated to help provide phenomenal solutions for some of the most common energy and environmental challenges we face today. Let’s take a look at a few through our partnership with Renewal by Andersen®:

  1. Renewing Existing Housing
  2. Indoor Air Quality
  3. Smart Use of Materials
  4. Smart Use of Energy
  5. Long Product Lifecycles
  1. Renewing Existing Housing

    Renewal by Andersen® has replaced over two million windows in over 300,000 homes. From an energy and environmental perspective, this is a significant accomplishment.

    A little known, but alarming fact is that the average home uses significantly more energy and is responsible for more carbon emissions than the average automobile.* Making homes more energy efficient benefits property values, neighborhood livability, and keeps older homes relevant longer.

    Replacing inefficient windows and doors is beneficial in lowering your energy cost and consumption, and gives you more control of your comfort and pocketbook.

    When Andersen Corporation founded Renewal by Andersen®, it wasn’t creating the first window replacement company. To succeed, Renewal by Andersen® had to become the first to redefine the industry by bringing the latest energy and material technology to homeowners looking for a start-to-finish window replacement service. Today, Renewal by Andersen® brings contemporary, high quality windows and doors to existing housing stock from coast to coast.

    * Source: – United States Environmental Protection Agency.

  2. Indoor Air Quality

    Renewal by Andersen® and its parent company, Andersen Corporation, are the only window companies to receive the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) IndoorAdvantage Gold certification. This certification is the strictest indoor air emission standard in the United States and meets the California Section 01350 Specifications.

    Poor indoor air quality is one of the top 5 health hazards in America.

    Poor indoor air quality is one of the top 5 health hazards in America.* Most of us spend 90% of our lives indoors where toxins can enter the air through off-gassing: a process where toxins are released through evaporation from building materials. Some products continue this evaporation for years after their installation, which means you continue to breathe these chemicals night and day. Choosing responsibly manufactured products is good for everyone. Fresh air should be all you breathe after replacing your windows.

    * Source: – United States Environmental Protection Agency.

    Energy Savings and You
    Green Seal estimates that if all windows in the U.S. were as energy efficient as those made by Andersen Windows, Americans would save up to 2.5% of the annual U.S. energy consumption— an estimated 200 gallons of oil for every household in the U.S.

  3. Smart Use of Materials – Leadership in Reclaiming and Reusing Materials

    Fibrex® Material Frames

    Renewal by Andersen® windows have achieved the highest SCS certified recycled content of any window replacement company.

    Our Fibrex® material frames and sash contain 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight. Fibrex® material offers the strength and insulating value of wood with the low maintenance features of vinyl that never requires painting and will not crack, pit, corrode, or rot.*

    We reclaim much of our wood fiber from Andersen Corporation’s wood window manufacturing facilities.

    High-Performance Low-E4® Glass

    High-Performance Low-E4® glass is made from a minimum of 12% reclaimed glass by weight.

    Standard on all Renewal by Andersen® windows, High-Performance Low-E4 glass features an innovative coating that, when activated by sunlight, helps reduce water spots up to 99%,** making your  view better and cleaning easier. What’s more, our glass helps block harmful UV rays entering your home and cuts down on noise pollution by reducing sound penetration.

    * See the Renewal by Andersen® 20/2/10 limited warranty for details.
    ** Exterior only, when activated by sunlight.

  4. Smart Use of Energy

    In August 2008, the Energy Information Agency (EIA) predicted a dramatic 36% increase in home heating oil and a 23% increase in natural gas prices. Windows can play a large role in a home’s annual heating budget. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that windows can account for as much as 40% of your annual heating and cooling costs.

    Renewal by Andersen® window replacement can save you up to 25% on your energy bills.* Our newest glass option, SmartSun glass, is our most energy efficient glass ever. SmartSun glass is 70% more efficient in summer and 45% more energy efficient in winter than ordinary dual pane glass.**

  5. Long Product Lifecycles

    Construction waste is a major source of landfill waste in the United States. Every day, Renewal by Andersen® replaces windows in homes that are less than 10 years old. Choosing products that are built to last is one of the most important ways to limit landfill waste. Renewal by Andersen® products have a long life-cycle, backed-up by one of the strongest warranties† you will ever find.

    Saving a few dollars now could mean another replacement project just a few years down the road, but with Renewal by Andersen®, you’ll have confidence your new windows will provide many years† of comfort and peace of mind.

    * A study of identical homes comparing Low-E glass to ordinary dual-pane glass showed a 25% savings on cooling bills, 10% on heating. Savings may vary geographically. ** Values are based on comparison of Renewal by Andersen® double-hung insert window SHGC to the SHGC for clear glass non-metal frame default values from the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code. † See 20/2/10 Limited Warranty for details.

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